Pharmacies | 05.03.21 | minute(s) reading time
How does ZiuZ Analytics work?

Johan van Duijne

Product Manager

ZiuZ Analytics helps pharmacists and operation managers in the continuous improvement of their packaging process by means of drill-downs and alerts when ‘must take action now’-issues arise.


Currently, ZiuZ Analytics comes with three fully interactive dashboards which cover production overview, false alarms, and true alarms, allowing easy and intuitive insight into production metrics.

Data security by design

ZiuZ Analytics runs on the industry-standard Amazon Web Services platform, uses strong encryption, and utilizes no GDPR related data or personal health information. In this way, data security risks are mitigated by design.


It is easy to get started

Since ZiuZ Analytics is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, it is easy to get started. Once the data connection has been established and user accounts have been created, you are ready to go and profit from all the benefits ZiuZ Analytics offers.


More detailed information about what ZiuZ Analytics is can be found here.


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