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ReportBox, a stepping stone for new hotlines

Cor Mulder

Marketing & Account Manager

As part of its mission, INHOPE financially sponsors and supports start-up activities of new Hotlines outside of the European Union. One of the challenges in this expansion effort is that in their infancy, Hotlines lack the resources and structure to create, operate, manage and maintain the IT systems to support their operation. Although it is relatively easy for a Hotline to create a website to communicate their role to the general public, it becomes more complicated to interact with the same general public through the website in a safe and secure manner. Yet this last aspect is crucial for a Hotline in performing their role and having an impact on the crimes they are fighting.


The ReportBox does just that. It is a logical stepping stone for new Hotlines in organizing their IT systems in a secure, efficient and cost-effective manner. It will allow these Hotlines to have forms on their website to interact with the public, without the hassle of having to create, operate, manage and maintain the back-end systems.


ReportBox is implemented as a service in the cloud. In order to use the system, a Hotline employee has to open a web browser, navigate to the ReportBox’s website and log on. On this website, the user has three primary options: design a simple web form on which the public can enter information (1), deploy and include this form in the website of the Hotline (2) and process incoming reports from the general public (3).


Once this form is part of the Hotline’s website, the general public can use the form to report illegal activities to the Hotline. The information entered by the public on the form will be stored as a report in a Hotline-specific section in the database included in ReportBox.


Interested in receiving more detailed information on ReportBox? Get in touch or visit the ReportBox product page.

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