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Roadmap VizX2

Cor Mulder

Marketing & Account Manager

We launched the latest version of VizX2 in January. In this new version of the software, version 2.7.1, we mainly incorporated many of our clients’ RFCs. An example of such an RFC is the option to skip conflicting hashes while uploading to the VizX Library. Previously, conflicts had to be resolved before the hashes could be uploaded. In the new situation, the user can opt to only upload the hashes without conflict. The conflicts can then be resolved at a later time and the hashes can still be uploaded. Moreover, we focused a lot on the user management module within VizX2. The module was expanded with new permissions, new user fields and the option to assign things to groups instead of users. We are now about to roll out the next version of VizX2: VizX2 version 2.7.2.


In this version, we tackled things including the folder tree. In large cases with many (sub)folders, the folder tree suffered from performance issues, but now no longer. By using other techniques in the background, the folder tree now runs smoothly again, even for larger cases. From version 2.7.2 onwards, we will also be able to put processing of evidence ‘on hold’, to facilitate the transition to a new version of VizX2. Before, users had to wait until all the evidence from all cases had been processed. Now, the processing can be put on hold with one click.


We expect to be able to roll out version 2.8.0 in October. In this version, we want to add options including the option to link user management to the Active Directory (AD). In the current situation, administrators have to configurate users’ rights via groups in both the AD and in the user management of VizX2. The link with the AD is to ensure that the users and groups, as defined in the AD, are automatically copied to VizX2. Furthermore, we will be making changes like updating the most important libraries and integrating the most recent CODEC packs.


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