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Participation ZiuZ Challenge

Applicability of the ZiuZ Challenges Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply for all ZiuZ competitions, challenges, quizzes, interest enquiries and other opportunities published by a company belonging to the ZiuZ Group of companies, whose holding company is ZiuZ Holding B.V., which has its registered offices in Gorredijk (the Netherlands), or any of such company’s legal successors or any juridical persons affiliated with them (hereinafter: ‘ZiuZ’) on www.ziuz.com/challenges (hereinafter: ‘ZiuZ Challenges’ and ‘ZiuZ Challenges website’).


Your minimum age

Participation in ZiuZ Challenges is open for everyone from 16 years old. By participating you confirm that you are at least 16 years old.


Your privacy

You need to register on the ZiuZ Challenges website to participate in ZiuZ Challenges. By signing up, you give your consent that ZiuZ can use your personal data for purposes related to ZiuZ Challenges, wherein the main purpose is to select winning contributions and contact you regarding ZiuZ Challenges. You can at any time cancel your account or request to have your data deleted by sending an email to our Data Protection Officer. More information about the way ZiuZ respects your privacy can be found in our Privacy and Cookie Statement.


Your copyright

By participating in a ZiuZ Challenge, you do not have to transfer your copyright on your contribution to ZiuZ. You will remain copyright owner of your contribution. However, you grant ZiuZ Holding a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, sub-licensable, perpetual (for the duration of the applicable copyright) license to exercise the rights in your contributions as stated below:

  1. to reproduce your contribution, to incorporate your contribution into one or more products/services of ZiuZ and its partners, and to reproduce your contribution as incorporated in such products/services;
  2. to create and reproduce derivative works of your contribution;
  3. to distribute copies, display publicly, and perform publicly by any means, including through video and audio, your contribution including as incorporated in products/services;
  4. to distribute copies, display publicly, perform publicly by any means, including through video and audio, derivative works;

The above rights may be exercised in all media and formats whether now known or hereafter devised. The above rights include the right to make such modifications as are technically necessary to exercise the rights in other media and formats.


Third party IP rights

You warrant that your contribution is entirely of your own creation and does not in any way infringe the intellectual property rights (including, without limitation patents, copyrights, visual materials in whatever form, sound recordings, any copyright protectable work, designs, trade or services marks, database rights, rights in know-how, rights protecting goodwill and reputation, moral rights or other similar rights in any country, in each case whether or not registered, and any applications for registration of any of the foregoing, and all rights to apply to register any of the foregoing) of any other person. In case you need to refer to third party materials that are protected by any intellectual property right, you warrant that you have all licenses necessary to do so and that all references to third party materials and rights are explicitly provided and accurate. If it is discovered that any contribution is not your original creation or references are missing or inaccurate, ZiuZ shall be entitled to disqualify your entry from the Competition. To the fullest extent of the law, you shall indemnify ZiuZ, ZiuZ Holding and its partners from and against any and all loss, costs, penalties, fines, damages, claims, expenses (including attorney’s fees) or liabilities arising out of and improper use of intellectual property rights by you.


Our copyright

All content included on the ZiuZ Challenges website, such as but not limited to text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, digital downloads, data compilations, and software, is the intellectual property of ZiuZ, ZiuZ Holding or its content suppliers and protected by international copyright laws.


Your contribution

All contributions must be submitted in accordance with these terms and conditions. All submissions should be in English. ZiuZ reserves the right to remove your contribution (including but not limited to contributions found to be inappropriate, illegal and/or offensive) for any reason in its sole discretion. By submitting a contribution, you hereby certify that any technical information contained therein is not restricted for export to the Netherlands.


Confidentiality and patentability

You agree that any contribution submitted by or on behalf of you will be treated as having been submitted on a non-confidential basis whether or not such contribution is marked or referred to as being confidential. ZiuZ, ZiuZ Holding nor its partners will have a duty to treat your contribution as confidential. However, to prevent unpatentability of ZiuZ’ application of your contribution, for a period of two years after submission of your contribution, you are to treat your contribution strictly confidential and refrain from any patent application concerning your contribution. Your obligation of confidentiality will end before expiration of this term as soon as ZiuZ makes you contribution public. In case ZiuZ manages to patent any application of your contribution, ZiuZ will consider filing your name for designation as inventor as meant in article 62 of the European Patent Convention. Contributors who do not comply with these terms and conditions may be disqualified from the competition without further notice. Contributors will have no recourse against disqualification decisions.


Our judgement

All contributions will be judged by ZiuZ. ZiuZ intends to award the prize as announced on the ZiuZ Challenges website to the contributor of the qualitatively best contribution that is contributed during the applicable contribution period. ZiuZ decides about the winning contribution at its own discretion. The judgement of ZiuZ is final and binding in all matters and no correspondence will be entered into by ZiuZ.

ZiuZ will notify the winning contributor. In the event that a winner refuses acceptance of the prize or, for whatever reason cannot accept the prize, or if the winner does not respond to the notification of ZiuZ within seven days after awarding the prize, ZiuZ reserves the right to award it to an alternative winner without liability to the original winner.


Your prize

The prize as announced to the winner is the prize after payment by ZiuZ of lottery taxes. The winner is solely responsible for all other applicable taxes related to the acceptance of any prizes which may be awarded via ZiuZ Challenges.


Our Trademarks and tradenames

Participation in (a) ZiuZ Challenges(s) does NOT entitle you to use any of the ZiuZ trademarks unless expressly allowed by ZiuZ. ZiuZ tradenames may not be used in connection with any product or service that is not owned or operated by ZiuZ, in any manner that is likely to cause confusion or in any manner that disparages or discredits ZiuZ, ZiuZ Holding or its partners.


Our Liability

ZiuZ Challenges related materials posted by ZiuZ on the ZiuZ Challenges website are not intended to amount to advice on which reliance should be placed. We therefore disclaim all liability and responsibility arising from any reliance placed on such materials by any visitor to the website, or by anyone who may be informed of any of its contents.

Participation in ZiuZ Challenges is for your own account and at your own risk. The materials are provided without any guarantees, conditions or warranties as to its accuracy. To the extent permitted by law, ZiuZ hereby expressly excludes any liability for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage incurred in connection with the ZiuZ Challenges and ZiuZ Challenges website(s).


Applicable Law and disputes

By participating in ZiuZ Challenges you agree that the laws of the Netherlands, without regard to principles of conflict of laws, will govern the ZiuZ Challenges and these terms and conditions. Any dispute of any sort that might arise between you and ZiuZ, ZiuZ Holding or its partners related to ZiuZ Challenges will be decided by the judge of the Noord Nederland District Court.


Modification and Severability

We reserve the right to make changes to our ZiuZ Challenges website(s), policies, and these terms and conditions at any time. If any of these conditions shall be deemed invalid, void, or for any reason unenforceable, that condition shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining condition. ZiuZ reserves the right to cancel, amend, terminate or temporarily suspend any or all challenges for any reason and without liability.