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VizX New Product Development

Elena Colotti

Marketing Specialist

We see a world with rising numbers of cases, in which the material is growing rapidly both in terms of amount and file sizes, and we feel now is the time to create a new VizX platform that is future proof. 


The new VizX will have a whole new architecture that will allow for scaling and sizing. Besides that, it will also enable our clients to process and categorize more files in less time. The decoupled architecture that will be created will enable us to make changes and release new features effortlessly.


The technologies used on the new platform will provide a state-of-the-art user experience. We will use browser-based technology, which will give us exciting new possibilities for a more modern user interface and user experience. Besides, a web-based platform will enable us to be future-ready for deployment in the cloud (be it a private or a public one).


The task of building the new VizX platform  will span multiple years. However, as it will be developed in stages, our customers can benefit from the new development as soon as the first stage has been developed. We are now creating a Proof-of-Concept with the aim of outlining the most suitable structure for the new platform. The second step will consist in collecting users’ requirements.


Creating a whole new architecture gives us the opportunity to develop a product that is not only future-proof but that is also better tailored to our customers’ needs and wishes.


If you haven’t heard from us yet but would like to contribute to the new product development, please do not hesitate to reach out, your opinion matters!

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