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ZiuZ Forensic during COVID-19

Cor Mulder

Marketing & Account Manager

COVID-19 affects us all. To limit the spread of the virus, most European countries suspended permission to travel over the past months. Furthermore, many countries in Europe still recommend working from home as much as possible. That means that companies have to be resourceful in order to still provide support to their (international) clients. That includes ZiuZ Forensic.


Because of COVID-19, children were unable to go to school and most parents had to work from home. For children who are victims of abuse, that meant even more abuse than before. Vice detectives worldwide had to work around the clock to free these victims and catch the perpetrators. ZiuZ supported and facilitated police services as much as possible in this difficult task. For example, our Support department offered remote support in setting up new systems and expanding the capacity of existing systems. For this kind of remote work, ZiuZ built a special ‘safe room’ which may only be accessed by certified/screened employees. This safe room has a separate secure internet connection.


During the outbreak of coronavirus, we also had multiple consultancy processes and projects going on. The physical meetings were changed to digital meetings as much as possible, and shared environments were set up so that project information could be shared. All of this ensured that the progress of these projects was maintained.


Worldwide, the corona measures are now gradually easing up and travel is now again being carefully considered. We look forward to seeing our clients again in the future, but this past period has shown us that, if necessary, we can always fall back on our digital service provision.


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