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ZiuZ Photon XT in practice at the WZA

Bo Kimkes

Marketing Specialist ZiuZ Medical

Wilhelmina Hospital Pharmacy Assen:

Weekly production: 170,000 GDS bags
Number of patients: 250 inpatients and 7,000 outpatients
Packaging Robots: 4 JVM packaging robots
Production hours: 07:30 to 17:30 (Monday to Friday)

‘ZiuZ Photon XT is an integrated part of the production process for guaranteeing medication safety’ – Sanne Geling, WZA

Since 2018, the Pharmacy of the Wilhelmina Hospital in Assen safeguards the safety of users of GDS medication even better by using ZiuZ Photon XT. Sanne Geling, Pharmacist, and Monique Bazuin, Head of Pharmaceutical Patient Care Institutions, tell their story.


‘Our primary target group are clients of the Wilhelmina Hospital Assen, nursing homes, institutions for the mentally disabled and mental healthcare institutions in the North of the Netherlands. We ensure that they receive the right medication for the right intake moments. Thanks to the ZiuZ Photon, the chance of medication errors is minimised, so that patient safety is fully safeguarded’.


‘I believe that ZiuZ Medical stands for reliability and extreme precision of the software. In the release updates that are being released for Photon, you also see reflected that they listen carefully to customers. The Photon inspection software can recognize pills with high accuracy on the basis of colour and shape. Thanks to Photon, our inspection process has become more professional and more reliable’.


‘In addition to the professionalisation of the inspection process, Photon XT rolls and cuts the medication rolls per client, meaning that rolling and cutting no longer has to be done manually. Thanks to the reports, we have a greater insight into False Positives and False Negatives. In addition, the photos can be retrieved at any time, this is useful for complaints from institutions’.


On the photo: left Sanne Geling, Pharmacist at the Wilhelmina Hospital Assen and right Monique Bazuin, Head of Pharmaceutical Patient Care Institutions at the Wilhelmina Hospital Pharmacy in Assen.

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