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ZiuZ Visual Intelligence opens its own assembly hall

Bo Kimkes

Marketing Specialist ZiuZ Medical

On 22 September next, high-tech manufacturing company ZiuZ Visual Intelligence will open its own assembly hall in Gorredijk, Friesland, measuring 587 square metres. The ESD Protected Area (EPA) where multiple experts will assemble, test and package innovative medical devices, supports faster delivery to the customer and ensures patient safety.


Analysing large amounts of data
ZiuZ uses Visual Intelligence technologies to solve socially relevant issues. ‘That is why I founded ZiuZ in 2002 and why today more than 70 passionate employees are committed to serving our customers’, says Gerrit Baarda, founder and owner. ‘ZiuZ products and services are intended to enable fast and error-free production of medicine bags and thus guarantee patient safety. ZiuZ also develops software for police services to help detect child abuse, and deep learning and machine learning technologies are used to support doctors in making the right diagnosis.’


Flexibility and fast switching
‘We think it’s important to be in control of the entire process, so it’s time for the next step. We are therefore very proud of the fact that we will be doing the assembly of our latest product at ZiuZ ourselves. We can organise the entire process of purchasing, supplier selection, assembly, testing and logistics so that this is done efficiently and effectively. The lines are shorter with our suppliers, distributors and customers, so that we remain flexible and can switch quickly’, says Nicky Haneveer, ZiuZ Supply Chain Manager.


With the arrival of the new assembly hall, ZiuZ can respond better to the changes demanded by customers and deploy the relevant specialisms. ZiuZ was already able to do this for its software, but from now on also for its hardware. And as one of the larger employers in Gorredijk, employment will continue to grow as a result.


ZiuZ’ assembly hall in Gorredijk with Gerrit Baarda, founder and owner of ZiuZ Visual Intelligence and Nicky Haneveer, ZiuZ Visual Intelligence Supply Chain Manager.

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