This partnership resulted in the development of ICCAM (pronounce: I see CAM – Child Abuse Material): a tool for crawling websites for illegal content. The solution enhances the Hotlines’ capability and capacity to match, identify and analyze child sexual abuse images and videos.

The reports the Hotlines receive, contain a URL pointing to the content. URLs are entered in the ICCAM system. ICCAM crawls the URL and downloads images and videos for classification by a hotline analyst. If the investigated URL is hosted in a different country, the report will be forwarded to the respective Hotline in that country. ICCAM filters out images and videos that have been previously classified by Hotlines or that already exist in Police databases with illegal material. Images and videos that have been classified as illegal by Hotline analysts and that are unknown to the Police, will be reported to both the National Police Force and INTERPOL.